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Our Company

Changing the way your entertainment needs are met. We are a full service media production company who specializes in feature films, music production, and all areas of entertainment management & consulting. JJM Media Group LLC, We Drive Media.

What We Offer

JJM Media Group LLC is a full service media company. We bring your creative idea’s to life in the Music, Film, and Theatre, and offer Entertainment Consulting to assist all of your entertainment needs. Full project production and financing is available to qualified clients, and we make sure that your ideas are brought to life. We Drive Media.

JJM Media Group LLC brings all idea’s in the entertainment industry to fruition. Our goal is to make dreams a reality & to make the journey exciting, profitable, and most of all fulfilling to all its’ partners.

We provide a relaxed, professional, and highly skilled environment for you to reach your goals. Your deadlines are met in a prompt manner above the expectations that you desired!

Some of our services:

Project Financing

Feature Film Producing

Script Services

Music Production/Artist Management

Our Brands

Locations. Contact. Appointments

Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, & India



Please email or call us to set up a date & time that we can begin creating or assisting you with your entertainment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We cant list all the questions here, but we can provide a few. Please contact us for your specific needs.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with individuals or corporations needing guidance in all areas of media & entertainment. Major Record Companies, Motion Picture Production Companies, Talent Agents, Capital Investment Lenders, and Fortune 100 organizations.

Can a meeting be set up?”

Contact us using the form below, or call our offices at 949.441.4321 and someone will help you with your further questions.